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KCNS PADI BSA Merit Badge!

The PADI BSA Merit Badge

Swimming Merit Badge Required Before SCUBA.

Suggest the First Aid Merit Badge before class or in conjunction with SCUBA.

PADI Open Water Certification is good for life.

Junior Open Water Certification allows boys 10-14 to dive with parents or instructors.
* 10-11 year olds are restricted to diving with a parent, guardian or PADI Professional to 40 feet maximum depth;
* 12-14 year olds must dive with an adult certified diver.

EFR (Emergency First Response) Costs: $xxx.xx

Open Water Certification Costs: $420.00
* Classroom and Pool: $180.00
* Includes Crew Pack, Classroom, Pool Session, and equipment rentals.

Open Water Checkout Dives: $240.00
* Weekend at Beaver Lake Arkansas (Friday Evening thru Sunday Afternoon)
* 4 Open Water Checkout Dives (Possible 2 extra dives)
* Equipment rentals.
* Lodging at Lake House (You need to provide for meals)
* PIC costs included (PADI Identification Card)

Adults and family members are encouraged to take the PADI course as well.

Certified divers are welcome to attend Beaver Lake dives if room is available on the boat for a small fee.

Upgrade from Junior to full Open Water Certification requires a new PIC be requested at the 15th birthday (may be a $25.00 fee at the time).

PADI has specialties available such as Altitude and Boat Diving.

PADI has an Advanced Open Water Certification (Junior available as well).

PADI has a set professional program available for divers interested in *going pro*.

And yes, you can get PADI Open Water Certified and dive at Sea Base without earning the BSA Merit Badge.

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